Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mayor Rocky Anderson on the "Frightening Culture of Obediance"

onegoodmove: Mayor Rocky Anderson on Bush and Patriotism

Solid synopsis of a great speech.
"How did I spend my day? I was protesting Bush and the merry band of lying, warmongering, treasonous bastards he calls advisors. As you know George and the criminals are here in Salt Lake to speak at the Veterans Convention. Condi, Donald, and Dick have spoken and Bush arrives tonight and will speak tomorrow. Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson was the main speaker at the anti-war and anti-bush rally I attended and he really gave em hell. Here is a portion of his speech. I think you'll like what he has to say."
I think Rocky nails it on the head. There is a MASSIVE amount of fear and loathing in the arguments of those few Americans that still defend our President and his advisor's actions.


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