Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cheers and Jeers: Thursday: Bush "bounce" a Media Myth

Daily Kos: Cheers and Jeers: Thursday
"Here then, is some much-needed historical perspective to put Bush's standing in context:

>>> According to Gallup, on the eve of President John F. Kennedy's 1963 assassination, he was suffering the worst job-approval ratings of his presidency -- 58 percent.

>>> In 1968, when the war in Vietnam was claiming hundreds of U.S. casualties each week, President Lyndon Johnson was considered so unpopular that he didn't even run for re-election. Johnson's average Gallup approval rating for that year was 43 percent.

>>> When Reagan's second term was rocked by the Iran-Contra scandal, his ratings plummeted, all the way down to 43 percent.

>>> This year, according to the Gallup numbers, Bush has averaged an approval rating of 37 percent.

---Eric Boehlert (via Atrios) at Media Matters"
The annoying thing is, as gas prices continue to drop (expect about $2/gal by Nov.) the people quickly forget about their anger. This comic captures the dynamic precisely.

And sadly, it seems the polls would indicate that saying 9/11 100 hundred times straight over the weeks before Septemeber 11th (and splattering in "terrorist" and "Iraq") is still a viable election strategy.


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