Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Lies of the Bush Adminstration (regarding Iraqi Strategy)

In my various conversations around the globe, I often run into people who think that the Bush Adminstration is like the Washington Administration, and has never told a lie.

Despite showing people video evidence to the contrary, they just can't quite get their heads around the doublespeak.

Oh well, useful idiots abound.
[1] Essentially this post is about the triplet "Stay the Course" which was the GOP "strategy" in Iraq (yes, I know, "keep going the same way" is a bloody awful way to run a war, but that's what they picked). That phrase, "stay the course", is no longer polling well, so they decided to stop using it. They also decided that they had never been using it, and anyone who said they did was obviously a "cut and runner".

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