Monday, August 27, 2007

Gonzo is Gonzo

I can has vacation now?

Alberto Gonzales has tendered his resignation to the Bush Administation.

It's about damned time, IMHO.

Gonzo is the lying. Gonzo is the torturing. Gonzo is the spying. Or at least the blame for many of them is gone. The question now is whether or not we'll go back to the way things were, or continue with the Gonzo policies with new faces.

Time will tell.

Any other Resignations will occur soon, as Bush has asked that people leave or stay until the bitter end and decide over August vacation.

Bush and Cheney only have one more August vacation left, and I hope to make it an eventful one.

Let's go kick them out. There's only two left (Condi will be a bonus).

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